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I am a game designer / programmer with over 25 years’ experience. I’ve worked with Rockstar Games, Blue Byte Software, Tale of Tales, Tequila Works, and many others, on games that have been played by millions of people. I've worked on role-playing games, casual games, interactive storytelling, strategy titles, online games, free to play, indie, mobile, PC, console, you name it.

You can find my detailed softography here.

I work as a free-lancer, preferably from home, which is in Lyon, France (GMT+1 timezone). I speak (and can work in) English, Dutch, German, and French.

Areas where I can help you:

  • Programming: full stack web development, gameplay, tools.
  • Game design: narrative design, systems design.
  • Production: consulting on project feasibility, processes, company strategy.
  • Teaching: all of the above.

Contact me via email or Twitter to discuss how we could work together.

I also do public speaking on all of the subjects above, and more.


From entire roleplaying games written in 68000 assembly language, to games in C and C++, to complex web applications in JavaScript and Python, I have covered a lot of platforms and languages in my programming career.


  • JavaScript (React, ES6, Flux).
  • Python (Flask, SQLAlchemy).
  • C# (Unity).
  • C++.

(I can and have learned other languages and frameworks when needed.)

Since 2014 I have been working on the tools for Kythera, an AI middleware developed by Moon Collider, and used in titles such as Star Citizen. This involves a server in Python, another server in C++, a medium-sized JavaScript application, WebSockets, raw sockets, and some highly optimized SQL queries.

Since 2012 I have been running Gameconfs, which is written in Python, uses Flask and PostgreSQL, and runs on Heroku.

I also have a lot of experience with gameplay logic and tools. Most recently I have been working on Choba, an experimental, open source interactive storytelling engine, written in JavaScript.

Game design

I review game designs in all stages of development, identify problems and weak spots, propose solutions, and generate new ideas. This way you can manage risks before they turn into expensive problems. I've worked in all kinds of game genres, platforms, and monetization models.

I write game concept or design documents from scratch so you have a solid basis to work from - an ideal solution if you are temporarily short of key personnel, as well as improve your game’s design when it is already further along in development, in the areas listed below.

I also teach game design and work on processes.


  • Narrative design.
  • Systems design.
  • User interface and UX design.
  • Balancing.
  • Metrics (gameplay and f2p).
  • Procedural content generation.
  • Tools.


I’ve spent years working as a producer and project manager, and I co-founded and helped run a successful game development studio. I have always been interested in what makes game teams and projects succeed or fail.

My unique background makes me familiar with all aspects of development: creative, commercial, technical, or management-related. It means I can communicate effectively with any member of a game development team.

Production is hard to do remotely, so my services in this area are limited to consulting.


  • Review or audit project plans, schedules, risk analyses.
  • Troubleshooting. Identify, then help solve or mitigate problems and risks.
  • Work on processes, working methods, team structures, at different company sizes.
  • Coaching and training.


I have taught courses and workshops at universities and game development schools in France such as ENJMIN, Ecole Bellecour, and Gamagora, as well as remote talks for universities abroad.


  • Narrative design.
  • Game systems design.
  • Programming.
  • Production.