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Interview on Game Dev Advice Podcast

I first met John Podlasek almost 30 years ago when we both worked at Blue Byte Software: he in the U.S. office, me in Germany. We lost touch a bit over the years, but last year he contacted me and asked me to be interviewed for his Game Dev Advice podcast.

It was a fun interview! I talked about how I got into the industry, and how I almost removed the sex and violence from GTA Vice City that one time. I hope I was also able to give some advice.

The show notes:

I welcome Jurie Horneman, senior gameplay programmer at Possibly Space, who shares about growing up in the Netherlands and his passion for wanting to make games that led to his first job. Learn about making Amberstar, answering calls from players, and making Ambermoon, which still has a dedicated fan base. Hear about moving to Blue Byte, Albion being overly ambitious, learning C, and having your shipping platform changed because of bankruptcy.

We then discuss source code, the importance of completing personal projects, and needing to shift your perspective to think as a hiring manager or department lead. Learn about pitching in, how game dev is different from film, and working on Watch Dogs: Legion. Hear thoughts for working in games now, developing interpersonal skills, and why it’s important to enjoy the process of making games versus only focusing on the results.

Discover his favorite games to have worked on, passion around dynamic storytelling, game engines, game AI, and game design. Hear about working remotely, the impact of video conferencing, the need to communicate more as a manager, the value of in-person serendipity, and the power of messaging apps.

Towards the end we talk about how the GTA: Vice City Xbox U.S. update almost shipped with all of the globally controversial settings accidently turned off, working Manhunt 2, The Settlers, Incubation: Time Is Running Out, and interesting games out now. We wrap with Resident Evil, how to connect, enjoying the process, accepting change, and being a good person.

If you want the links from the show notes, go here and search for my name: I can't link to it directly.

The podcast can be found on Apple Podcasts and on Spotify. It's also available on other podcasting platforms: check here.