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Read this if you subscribe to the RSS feed of this site

The short story: I am going to change the address of the RSS feeds for this site. And I am going to do it today, and then I will create another blog post saying that I'm done. This blog post will also contain the new URLs.

If you do not see this second blog post on May 4th 2015, then you're still subscribed to the old feed, and if you want to continue to read my blog, you will have to go to the site and get the new feed URLs. Which I cannot publish here for esoteric reasons explained below.

I apologize for the inconvenience. Also, if you subscribed to this blog by email through FeedBurner - and I have no way of knowing if anyone is doing this - then I apologize even more, because that will stop working entirely.

(Update: Changed "right away" to "today" because I am dependent on when RSS services like FeedHQ etc. query the current feed. So, eh, I'll do it tonight at some point.)

The long story: I want to switch away from FeedBurner, the service I used for my RSS feeds, because it is no longer useful to me, and it was bought by Google. I like being independent of Google in general, but even more so in this particular case, because FeedBurner has been languishing, and there have been rumors for some time that Google may kill it. Another reason for me to wrest back control over my RSS feeds while I still choose the moment to do so.

Additional wrinkle: I transferred my feeds from my old FeedBurner account to my Google account in 2009, then completely forgot about it. Sadly, that included when I moved everything from my old Google account to my new one some time ago. This was something I had to do because… I can't be bothered to explain it here, suffice to say it involved a GTalk account created for testing, and Google stupidity.

So I cannot even access the FeedBurner feeds anymore, because they're tied to a supposedly dead Google account. One which, by the way, is tied to an email account I am about to retire. Now you know why I'm trying to regain control over everything. (I looked into this in the first place because I am planning to move my blog away from WordPress.)

And I cannot give you the new RSS feed URL here because it would just redirect to the FeedBurner ones.

Time for a short, sharp shock. Good thing I am not a pro blogger.