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Blizzard announces StarCraft 2

Blizzard announces StarCraft 2. You know. In case you missed it.

Will there be a Mac version I wonder?


Will StarCraft II be available on Mac simultaneously with PC?

As with all of Blizzard's recent releases, StarCraft II will ship on both PC and Mac simultaneously.


Another update: To clarify my 'uh-oh': I invested a decent chunk of my life into World of Warcraft, so I am kind of afraid (but also excited) about another time-sink from Blizzard :). I appreciate the fact they develop all of their games for PC and Mac. It's almost (almost) a good thing it is relatively hard to get their older games for the Mac in English around here, at least for a decent price. I kind of felt like playing Warcraft 3 a while back just to see the lore. Well, maybe when I get an Intel-based Mac at some point.