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10tacle opening development studio in Vienna, Austria?

Games blog reports a rumor that 10tacle may set up a development studio in Vienna:

Rumors are swirling that 10tacle, one of Europe’s fastest growing developers is still looking to expand through Europe, building more development studios to work on their internal and licensed projects. With studios already existing in Hannover (Germany), Bratislava (Slovakia), Charleroi (Belgium), Singapore and London and 10tacle being a German-based company, the search began for clues to where in Europe 10tacle would expand. Well, a handful of Google searches later brought about the answer. Vienna, Austria, once home to Rockstar Vienna, at one point one of the largest development studios in Europe and shutdown last year by parent company Take 2.

I agree that having another games studio in Vienna would be a good thing. I don't really know what to think of 10tacle. On the one hand there are some really smart people working there (in their Charleroi office at least, hi Stéphane). On the other hand, a public company rapidly buying developers? I am uncomfortably reminded of Phenomedia and JoWooD. But perhaps 10tacle knows how to make this work.