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Some Games and Art / Performance Links

Time to close some tabs.

  • Space Invader has come to Vienna, apparently.
  • Various small games with a message can be found here. One of them is the McDonald's videogame that was in the news a while back. I like the idea, but found it a bit too hard to comprehend the underlying simulation. Another is Orgasm Simulator: a rhythm-action game where you have to convincingly simulate a female orgasm without your male sex partner catching on. Same problem, different approach as in Heather Kelley's Lapis...
  • A biofeedback game where you compete to relax. This reminded me of two things: one is Trans-America Ultra Quiz, an immensely popular (and brutal) TV show from Japan. I can't find a decent description on the Internet (oddly) and I won't try to retell the whole story here, but suffice to say that apparently, at some stage a certain number of people who had lost and were out of the game had one more chance to get in. They'd all get electrodes strapped to their head, and the first one to fall asleep won. How cruel is that? The other thing it reminded me of was Super Tibetan Racer, the opening movie for the 2005 Annecy animation festival, done by students from the French animation school Gobelins (and wouldn't I love to play a game that looks like that).

(Via various places.)