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Interview with Chulip Director Yoshirou Kimura

1UP has an interview with the Yoshirou Kimura, the director of Chulip, the odd PS2 game I wrote about a while back. It's a short but interesting interview.

1UP: Games like Moon (not to be confused with Harvest Moon) and Chulip have been striking nonviolent titles, something fairly rare in video games. Are you consciously trying to resist this kind of gameplay in your titles?

Yoshirou Kimura: Yes, absolutely!

I'm not criticizing fighting games. I myself love to play fighting games, so. But when I see so many violent games out there, I can't help reveling against them. The world should consist of different kinds of people, don't you think? So do the games.

For me, the most fascinating bit was this:

Previous games he worked on include Moon on PSone, which put you in the role of an invisible boy trapped in a fantasy world, fixing things up in the wake of the "hero"'s wreckage

What an awesome idea.