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Link round-up

Yes, more links from all over. It does not require conscious thought on my part, and clears my browser / news reader tabs.

SCUMM for DS. Need I say more? Read the comments. The DS rules, if only the barriers to entry were a bit lower.

A whole bunch of things from a recent post by Robin: an exercise product for Xbox - check out the photorealistic woman made for a mass market product.

(Speaking of the uncanny valley: Japanese researchers built a lifelike android - female of course. Video here. Reported, and snickered over, on various sites.)

Also via Robin: cool platform shoes with Gameboys in them.

Speaking of games and fashion: there's a whole blog on costumes in video games - I think I found this on Game Girl Advance. Games + pop culture, as well as taking costumes seriously in games, is cool.

Final via-Robin-item: Psychiatric Clinic for Abused Cuddly Toys - The Game. Worth linking to just for the name. It has funny animals and I love the introductory voice, but the game is not very gamy. I stopped clicking on stuff about half-way through the first patient (the snake, I got some error message on the hippo).

I discovered N-Sider, a pretty in-depth Nintendo fan-site. I particularly enjoyed this article on Nintendo's development structure, which explains historically why certain franchises did not appear on certain platforms. Very interesting - Nintendo is a pretty closed company, so all info is welcome. And anything that reduced Miyamoto from demi-god to gifted designer / manager is good too.

That's it for now. Good night.