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Random fun

Meta-All Your Base: Engrish Game.

Also, somewhat related: one of my co-workers has this T-shirt - I was rather tempted myself. To get the shirt. But I couldn't deal with the thought of running into my co-worker wearing the same. The embarassment!

More semi-ironic across-cultural-divide video-game-inspired T-shirts can be found here. And here. But, well, you'd have to order from Japan, in Japanese.

(Which reminds me, did I ever mention my Italian-made, limited-edition Space Invaders shoes which I picked up for 50 Euros in Paris last year, and then saw for double the price in Subotron ? I am sooo chuffed with those. I should wear them some time.)

This is cool too but not a T-shirt.

My favorite cool Japanese-y thing I've seen this morning is what appears to be a game called 'Yogurting'. Check out those screenshots. Don't try to find out more: try to imagine what game it could be. Good design exercise.

Ack, this here intarweb is an unending gold-mine of stuff like this. I have to stop now.

(Some via Japan Game Blog or Geek On Stun.)