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New gaming blog: Ron Gilbert's Grumpy Gamer

My friends told me it was antisocial to obsessively comb through my referrer logs every day. So I dumped them.

I wish I hadn't though, because now I can't gloat at them for finding a link to Ron Gilbert's new blog, Grumpy Gamer.

Not only does he have a blog, his professional career has been dedicated to preventing serious spinal cord injuries as well as serious aquatic injuries.

Also he recently did an interview for the only half-way decent Austrian radio station, FM4. And I missed it. Luckily, a transcript is available online. In German. Among other things, Ron says he agrees with Old Man Murray's judgment that adventure games killed themselves.

He also published an essay he wrote in 1989 called "Why Adventure Games Suck". To my knowledge, this had only ever been published in Chris Crawford's now exceedingly hard to get Journal of Computer Game Design. Hurrah for the internet.