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So it's come to this

If all else fails, bombard them with quirky links, even if they have been lying around on your hard drive for months.

So here goes:

If Pacman had affected us as kids we'd be running around in dark rooms, munching pills and listening to repetitive music.
A great quote from Marcus Brigstocke.

Speaking of which. If you keep up with things, you've heard of Pac-Manhattan. But do you know GPS drawing? It's geocaching's evil twin brother.

A Day in the Life of a First Person Shooter Protagonist. Over a year old. I have no shame. But it's still funny. Again, satire exposes the yawning abyss between video game simulations of reality and everyday society.

Someone wrote a multitasking graphical OS for the Intellivision console. Someone else wrote an article about it. In German.

PVP Online once had a story-line about a pen and paper role-playing game about pen and paper role-playing gamers. A bit like playing Sim City inside of The Sims.

This is the Flying Flapjack, a really weird plane. It has no direct connection to interactive entertainment.

Not work-safe: The Accidental Video Game Porn Archive.

The Southtyrol-game, "one of the worlds largest hand carved pinball style game machines". It's Linux-powered. Austria trivia: when something cool happens in Northern Italy, it's referred to as South Tyrol. If something uncool happens, it's referred to as Northern Italy.

Someone has made an Orac PC case - Orac of course being the very smart computer from cult (i.e. unknown but some people saw it when young and impressionable) British sci-fi series Blake's 7. I would much rather have a Zen PC case, i.e. a huge wall panel with blinking lights, that replies to commands with a thundering "CONFIRMED". But that's just me.

Am I Game Or Lame? - retro Internet trope applied to video games.

Text mode Quake 2. Links to many other quirky text mode things. Not to be confused with IF Quake, which is way cooler.

Intelligent Artifice: I provide the links, you provide the smart, insightful commentary. Or the other way round, whichever you prefer.