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What's wrong with the games industry

PC Gamer US, April 2003:

"It's as if someone sat down and listed the cool parts of popular games: Nazis, vampires, guns, bullet-time, and cleavage. Then he got his buddies together and persuaded them to make a game called BloodRayne."

Reading PC Gamer US always makes me want to develop console games, simply to distance myself from them and their readers. Well, to be honest, I get this feeling with many games magazines. (Remember - my personal opinion, not that of yada yada ;)

But beyond the pitiful state of games industry journalism, this is an example of the kind of lack of creativity that typically originates with developers. Game developers are IMHO way too monocultural: on average, we're from the same demographic, we watch the same movies, read the same books, etc. etc.

It gets on my nerves sometimes.