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Wired has an article about this year's Indie Game Jam. It describes game ideas by Thatcher Ulrich, Brian Sharp, and Chris Hecker, who get their own little themed caricatures. Yay for them.

(To briefly touch on my love/hate-relationship with Wired: what's with the "Fantasy Life of Coder Boys"? How can you celebrate ten years of your own self-described forward thinking and at the same time apply one of the laziest, most backward cliches imaginable? Sheesh. I guess I should be grateful there were no remarks about caffeine diets, or bad skin...)

But anyway, the Indie Game Jam, a "yearly game design and programming event designed to encourage experimentation and innovation in the game industry", is a laudable effort. The games sound cool, experimentation is good, the people involved are all really smart - it's just too bad the whole thing is a bit coder-oriented.