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The long view

Go here and search for 'war sims'. It is on Jorn Barger's Robot Wisdom site - one of the most impressive websites I know of.

It is a timeline of war simulations and war games, starting very, very long ago:

"The history of knowledge-representation is probably reflected best in the evolution of military simulations. Fighting, defending, and also hunting intelligent prey are vital skills that go back a billion years. Kittens when they wrestle are unconsciously simulating more-serious grownup fights."

It shows the entire history of writing and mathematics from the point of view of how it was used to represent knowledge about war and combat. It covers the invention of the computer (for the military, remember?) and ends with Chris Crawford's "Balance of Power". I'm sure Chris would approve.

It's always refreshing to get a new and different perspective on things, and this is a doozie.