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Codemasters introduces fast-track career development and training initiative.

I think this is really smart - both to have an HR / training strategy, and to announce it.

"Says Stephen Harrison-Mirfield, Codemasters' Group HR Manager: "With the implementation of the fast-track programme, we believe this is the first time a company in the games industry has taken staff development so seriously. The appointment of a specific Training Manager is also a major step forward for the company as we seek to provide assistance to staff and further improve their skills." "

Well, I don't know what some of the larger companies like EA are doing, but Kalisto Entertainment, a company I once worked for, had a detailed HR strategy and hired a manager responsible for training, a man who had previously managed internal training for Motorola in all of southern Europe. Sadly, by the time he arrived in late 2000, the company was already starting on it's long slide to ruin.