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Gamble your life away in ZT Online

Here is a great story about ZT Online, a Chinese MMO with very few qualms about taking money from their customers. The game is highly based on spending real money. When one user started a peaceful rebellion, events were rigged so that her kingdom would be attacked by other players. It is a fascinating read. […]

NCsoft plans layoffs after Tabula Rasa disappoints

NCsoft plans layoffs after Tabula Rasa disappoints. “The lesson we learned from the launch of Tabula Rasa is that sometimes it is more appropriate to take more time to have a final touch before we launch our product into the market,” [Chief Financial Officer Jaeho] Lee said. Groan. (Via Robin.)

A perfect MMO patch day

Sanya Weathers, who was the community director for Mythic Entertainment has written an excellent blog post about what a perfect patch day for an MMO should look like, from the point of view of a community director (and how often do you see things from that perspective?). There is a ton of wisdom in this […]

Gordon Walton Gives 12 Lessons from WoW

Many people have tried to identify the secret of Blizzard’s success, a topic guaranteed to interest a lot of game developers. Still, when someone who has been around as long as Gordon Walton gives it a shot, it’s worth paying attention. Not only is he a funny man, he knows what he is talking about. […]

I have a new job

In fact, I’ve had a new job since November 1st, but I’ve been quite busy and it’s taken me a while to find out what I can mention on my blog. I am working as a producer at 10tacle Vienna, where I am working on a multi-user 3D online world developed in cooperation with MTV […]

Chinese MMO bans in-game gender-bending

What it says. Amusing. Update: Joystiq has done some research on this and there are reasons to believe it is not true (thanks, Steve Lee).