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Shawn Blanc interviews John Gruber

This may be of more interest to me than to you, but I enjoyed reading Shawn Blanc’s interview of John Gruber, the writer of Daring Fireball. They talk a lot about writing on blogs, the evolution of Daring Fireball and Mr. Gruber’s writing style, etc. I found this interesting as a blogger, less so as […]

Happy Fifth Birthday, Intelligent Artifice

Five years ago, I wrote the first post on this blog. (And although it doesn’t mean much: To the best of my knowledge, this is the oldest blog by a practicing game developer.) There are now 916 posts here, about one for every two days. Looking back is weird. I used to make bad puns […]

John Scalzi on how not to increase traffic to your blog

John Scalzi has an amusing (and profanity-laced) post about how not to increase traffic to your blog. It is a response to some blog post with ‘5 Ways To Get More Traffic To Your Blog’ or some ridiculous title like that. I find this interesting for two reasons. One has to do with this quote: […]