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Here are some of the games and game-related things I've worked on:

Unannounced title (2017-now), Ubisoft. Gameplay programming team lead. Programming in C++.

Kythera for PC, Mac, Linux (2014-2016), Moon Collider. Tool programming for this AI middleware, used in Star Citizen and other titles, in C++, Python, JavaScript.

Sunset for PC (2014), Tale of Tales. Systems programming: story logic, settings, localization, Steam support.

Rime for PlayStation 4 (2013), Tequila Works. Game design consulting.

Last Mysteries for Flash (2011). Lead game designer on unreleased f2p Diablo-like.

Animal World and Animal Life for Nintendo DS and DSi (2009). Game design, tool and gameplay programming. 12 games finished in one year.

LMNO (2008), Arkane Studios. Producer, for one month.

Untitled and unreleased sex MMO (2008). Fun times.

Velvet Assassin for PC (2007), Replay Studios. Interim producer.

Manhunt 2 for PlayStation 2 (2006), Rockstar Games. Producer and level design.

Grand Theft Auto Double Pack for Xbox (2003), Rockstar Games. Project manager.

Itch! for PC (2003), JoWooD Productions Software AG. Game design.

Neighbors from Hell for PC (2003), JoWooD Productions Software AG. Producer.

Pusher for PC (2002), JoWooD Productions Software AG. Producer.

The Nations Gold Edition for PC (2002), JoWooD Productions Software AG. Producer.

Incubation: Time is Running Out for PC (1997), Blue Byte Software GmbH. 3D character animation library.

The Settlers II: Veni, Vidi, Vici (1996), Blue Byte Software GmbH. Additional programming.

Albion for DOS (1995), Blue Byte Software GmbH. Lead programmer, game design.

Ambermoon for Commodore Amiga (1993), Thalion Software. Lead programmer.

Amberstar for Atari ST (1992), Thalion Software. Lead programmer.

More information can be found in my MobyGames profile (MobyGames is user-generated and so is not always 100% accurate), and my LinkedIn profile.