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Public speaking

Previous speaking engagements (in reverse chronological order):

The Dark Side of Game Development, Northern Game Summit 2015, Kajaani.

The Design in Narrative Design, GDC 2015, San Francisco.

The Dark Side of Game Development, ENJMIN 2014, Angouleme.

Game Design Under Pressure, ENJMIN 2013, Angouleme.

The Future of Game AI (panel), Develop Brighton 2013, Brighton.

A day in the life of a creative director, AltDev Student Summit 2012, online.

Visionary Game Designers (panel), DigiWorld Game Summit 2012, Montpellier.

What’s Next for Game AI? (panel), Game AI Conference 2012, Vienna.

Cheap, Fast and Efficient Tools Using Python, Develop Brighton 2012, Brighton.

Four Principles of Efficient Game Development, Game Connection Paris 2011, Paris.

Stagconf 2011, Vienna, organizer, host and panel moderator. Stagconf was a one-day conference on storytelling in games.

Production processes before and after the online revolution, Festival of Games 2011, Utrecht.

Game production in a nutshell, ENJMIN 2011, Angouleme.

Tales and Advice from the Designer Trenches (panel), Paris Game AI Conference 2010.

The Artistic Merits of Violence in Video Games, Subotron lecture series on games and culture 2009, Vienna.

Principles and Practices for Productive Teams, GDC Europe 2008, Paris. (See Jason Della Rocca’s blog entry.)

"What's Next for Game AI: Challenges and Opportunities" (panel moderator), GDC Europe 2007, Lyon.

The Future of AI (panel moderator), Imagina 2004, Monte Carlo.

Creating Emotional Involvement in Interactive Entertainment, GDC 2000, San Jose, round-table moderator together with Mark Barrett, overall rating 4.3–4.5.

Various presentations at IGDA meetings and game development schools in Vienna. I was the chapter coordinator of the IGDA chapter in Vienna for a number of years.