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Belated thanks

As I have mentioned on Twitter, I gave a talk about the dark side of game development at ENJMIN in December last year.One of my topics was sexism (and racism, homophobia and transphobia). I was very nervous about this subject. What do I have to say about this? I’m a white straight cis male. So I asked […]

On narrative in Tetris / Match 3, and mechanics in IF

Chris Billows asked the following on Twitter: @jurieongames Hi Jurie. What about Tetris / Match 3 games? What’s the narrative there? How about IF games? What’s the mechanics there? — Chris Billows (@Doc_Surge) January 9, 2015 I want to reply very quickly and briefly, but without having to split things up into 140 character chunks. So: […]

Resources for my talk on the dark side of game development

Here are some resources to go with my talk about the dark side of game development that I gave at ENJMIN on December 18th 2014. Talking to people Effective Networking in the Game Industry – Darius Kazemi Gameconfs Impostor syndrome Kill The Goddamn Vulture – Richard Dansky Your body language shapes who you are – […]

A quote about Battlefield Hardline from Bro McBrodude

A quote from a Polygon article on Battlefield Hardline: Polygon spoke with Hardline’s Executive Producer and Vice President of Visceral Games Steve Papoutsis at E3. EA did not provide a response to recent follow-up questions about Papoutsis’ answers. “We did some research on the [internet],” Papoutsis said, “and we found out law enforcement have a […]

Two years of Gameconfs

On June 18th 2012, so a bit over two years ago, I announced Gameconfs on Twitter. I have never talked about Gameconfs on this blog (or elsewhere), so why not do so now? Back in 2009-2010, as I was starting to do more business development at Mipumi, it bothered me more and more that there […]

Another reading list for game developers

George Buckingham, aka v21, has written this really interesting reading list for game developers. I like it because it has a lot of material on it I don’t know yet, and comes from a different angle than I tend to come from. He asked for feedback (actually, argument) on Twitter, and so I replied, one […]

Some quasi-funny German text I wrote once

TL;DR: Only funny if you speak German. And even then. A couple of years back I worked on a game concept set in an existing fantasy setting. The potential client was German so I wrote it in German. I wrote a little example of what the game would be like. This was not sent directly […]

“A 440 432”: A conspiracy theory

If you like a good conspiracy theory, I just stumbled upon a great one. Modern day music is stuck in a tuning frequency that was implemented throughout Nazi Germany by propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels in 1939. His implemented 440Hz codified a New World Order of central pitch that was instrumental in leading our world into […]

“Reverse innovator’s dilemma”

I like explaining things to other people for entirely selfish reasons. I often find myself saying unexpected things, such as today, when I was trying to explain the state of the art in interactive storytelling to a friend, and found myself using the term “reverse Innovator’s Dilemma”. That seemed interesting enough to jot down, and […]

Metaphors and originality: the power of explosions

I was reading this interview with Bungie’s Jason Jones on Destiny, and this bit really jumped out at me: And then it evolved, as we evolved into sci-fi, because we felt the pure fantasy was missing all these things we loved. Literally, explosions. It’s kind of a joke, but it’s not really a joke. Explosions […]