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Blog status

Yes, I am aware of the odd characters that snuck onto my blog in recent months :) I am rebuilding this blog as a statically generated site, which will fix that problem, and others. Hopefully that will be done over the next few weeks. The feed URL might change: I will post here before the […]

Anime series recommendations

For no particular reason, and without claiming to be an expert at all, I thought I’d list some anime series I like. In no particular order:

Some game-designer-y thoughts on Bound

I’ve just played Bound, the game for the PlayStation 4 developed by Plastic and published by Sony. Apart from some images and a brief look at a trailer, I knew nothing about it. If you want to play it, I recommend you try to find out as little as possible too. Seeing the tag line […]

Game animation logic in React

I’ve been working on a small minigame written in JavaScript using React. It’s similar to Robo Rally: you write a small program for a robot, it executes it, if it gets to the end without dying, you win. The actual robot logic is turn-based, the display isn’t. It’s split up like this: One module contains […]

Announcing Choba, an experimental interactive storytelling engine

Over the last few weeks I have taken the interactive fiction engine inside Mainframe, the IF game Liz England and I made for Procjam last year, and have rewritten it in JavaScript. I’ve called it Choba, short for CHOice BAsed, and I’ve put it on GitHub and npm. It’s open source, just like Mainframe. I’ve […]

More thoughts on tagging

I did some more thinking after yesterday’s blog post on tagging, and had an interesting discussion with Mike Cook and Chris Martens about how they approach similar problems. So here are some more thoughts on the subject.

Procedural content generation in Mainframe

The procedural content generation in Mainframe uses a very simple mechanism, which is both more powerful and trickier to implement and use than I expected at the outset. That mechanism is tagging. You tag bits of content, and then somewhere else you say you want something with a given set of tags. One of my […]

Repetition and procedural content generation

Last night I innocently tweeted: Does procedural content generation inherently imply repetition or is it just a really strong connection? — Jurie Horneman (@jurieongames) November 21, 2015 And then I watched a movie (Pi! still great) and 90 minutes later I checked Twitter and suddenly I had 50 replies. My tweet was a bit gnomic […]

Mainframe, the procgen horror IF game Liz England and I made

Last year I wanted to do something for PROCJAM, Mike Cook’s “make something that makes something” one week game jam, but circumstances conspired against me. This year, I collaborated with Liz England, and we made a horror interactive fiction game called Mainframe. It’s about a spaceship and its mainframe and something is wrong and it […]

The conflict between game design and AI programming

A few days ago, Julian Togelius tweeted this: Exhibit 1A: The mindset of someone who has no interest in artificial intelligence. — Julian Togelius (@togelius) October 27, 2015 I replied that I have an interest in AI, and I agree with the quote. Julian didn’t reply, but I was still motivated to write this […]