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How I manage my email

The odds are high that if you are in a lead or management position in the games industry, you are getting a lot of email. This post presents the system I have been using to manage my email since March 2008. It is easy to set up and easy to use. My approach is based […]

More about Yojimbo, the OS X information organizer

A while ago, I wrote a review of Yojimbo, the Mac OS X information organizer from Bare Bones Software. Basically, I didn’t feel Yojimbo supported the workflow I wanted. I sent an email with my feedback to Bare Bones Software (obviously I feel a need to bother others with my opinions, but you already knew […]

20+1 Useful OS X Tips

Another post that has nothing to do with the games industry, but I need to close the browser tab. Here is a list of 20 useful OS X tips by Chris Howard over at Apple Matters. I am not a hard-core Apple geek, but I am not a noob either – I didn’t know many […]

My review of Yojimbo

You can read a follow-up to this review here. Well, here is something I never expected to write. I am going to review Yojimbo – not the movie by Kurosawa or the comic by Stan Sakai, but the Mac OS X information organizer from Bare Bones Software, makers of BBEdit. Why? Because I can. And […]