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The Game Design Job Description

‘Grassroots Gamemaster’ wrote this post about what they don’t tell you on the game design job description. It’s pretty funny and pretty accurate. [Company] is seeking an experienced Lead Game Designer to join our team developing games for [console] and other next-generation platforms. The ideal candidate will have developed and released multiple games in the […]

The making of Jak & Daxter

I recently browsed by Naughty Dog’s website and discovered the excellent making of Jak & Daxter. It’s a multimedia extravaganza covering all the phases of the development of the game. Very impressive.

The limits of process

The last few years it has become a lot more popular to think about process in game development land, doubtlessly caused by lessons painfully learned in train-wrecked projects and a dawning realization that even our brethren (and sisthren) from the non-entertainment software industry are doing it. However, wearing a T-shirt saying “yay process” and reading […]