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Transfer in progress

… hopefully. I won’t begin to explain what I am trying to do – all I will say is that I have to start pushing big red buttons now that will likely make my site inaccessible. Please bear with me. The RSS feed may break. In a few days, all should be as before, only […]

Temporary Offlininess

Pardon my dust. I am going to change some stuff about the how and where of Intelligent Artifice over the next few days, which may result in this site becoming unreachable through the usual URL. Update: Things are looking good so far. Because I have an optimisim bordering on delusion and am clearly a danger […]

Pardon the dust

Yes, I am trying to make some minor tweaks to the look of this site. Not easy as TypePad has quite a clumsy interface and it doesn’t support Safari… Perhaps I will make the switch to WordPress sooner than planned.

A little meta-post

Games news is slow. Or rather, my reading of games news is slow. I am sure some news item will catch my eye in a while. In the mean time, here is a little meta-post with some fun info I recently found out about Intelligent Artifice.


I’ve added some doohickeys to the site and fiddled with the feeds. Let me know if anything has stopped working or is acting up.

New look

I changed the look of the site a bit. The most obvious change is the color scheme. Feedback is welcome. (Graphical help as well, although I like these colors ;) Oh yeah, if the site looks sorta kinda like it did before: hit refresh, your browser may be caching the stylesheets or something.


Yes, I have not updated in a while. No, writing this does not count as an update. I am, in fact, alive. In related news: I am changing my internet provider, which also involves moving my site to another web server. This may lead to outages. I apologise in advance. Update: No, wait. This site […]


I am, in fact, still alive, although very busy. Many interesting things are going on without being commented by me. And yet… life goes on. Personal note: I bought a new iBook G4 to replace my iBook G3. It looks identical, but is faster. Such is geekdom.

Back from GDC 2004

Well, I’m back from GDC. I had a monster meeting on monday and tuesday and then spent the rest of the week doing the follow-up of that meeting, starting a small side-project I am also producing, catching up with everything that has happened (or not happened) in the last week and a half, and recovering […]

Game blog update

There have been some changes in the game blog world recently. Jamie Fristrom has mutated GameDevLeague into GameDevBlog, using TypePad, just like me. Tobias Mayr, who was the lead designer on GTA: Vice City on the Xbox, is blogging about games again. He’s using iBlog. I heard him curse a lot while he was figuring […]