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Social gaming event at PICNIC 08 in Amsterdam

Oh, it seems there will be a special event about social gaming at PICNIC 08 in Amsterdam on the 26th. Games go Social is a full day event probing the synergies between games and communities, organized in collaboration with PICNIC, the undeniably most original, pioneering and unusual get-together for creatives. The trend ‘Games go social’ […]

My favorite New Yorker cartoon

This is my favorite New Yorker cartoon ever: It is a very accurate description of how I ocasionally feel – more so the further I move away from being 30. The cartoon helps me find the courage and energy to avoid ending up in the depicted situation. So far, successfully, I think. (You can buy […]

Summer break

Yes, posting frequency has been low lately. I am enjoying a summer break right now. There should be more posts in October at the latest – maybe earlier if I can gather the momentum. But so far, the weather has just been too nice outside. What have you been doing over summer? I hope you […]

Integrating real-time real-world data into games

BBC News has an article about incorporating real-time racing data into racing games. The patented system [iOpener] is developing sucks in real-time GPS data from racing events and pumps it out to compatible games consoles and PCs. The idea is that you could pit yourself against the top drivers in the world, as it happens, […]

My talk went well

My talk on productivity and producing went well. I arrived five minutes before the start and the room was already packed – I think there were about 100 people. I went a bit slower at the start, adding little anecdotes, and subsequently was surprised when the room guy held up a sign saying “5 minutes […]

My talk at GDC Paris starts now

My talk on team productivity at GDC starts now! Wish me luck.

Back in Vienna

I am back in Vienna after the gig in Frankfurt I mentioned earlier. It was fun work, but I really missed Vienna, so I am glad to be back. So far, I have done the following: Gone to the dentist. No root canal needed, yay! Got a haircut. Went food shopping on the Naschmarkt and […]


I am currently in the Frankfurt area, doing design work on an exciting online project I can’t talk about yet. Bet you were dying to hear that… Also, I have just heard that my proposal for a talk on being a producer at GDC Paris has been accepted, so yay for that. And I am […]


A little update on what is going on with me right now: Last Friday was my last day at 10tacle Vienna where I have been working since November 1st. It was a lot of fun as I got to wear a lot of different hats. I did some technical architecture and design, production consulting, planning […]

Congratulations Alice and Cory!

And welcome to Poesy Emmeline Fibonacci Nautilus Taylor Doctorow.