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“No one belongs here more than you” by Miranda July

The website for No one belongs here more than you, a collection of stories by Miranda July, is the best website I have ever seen for a book. Via Jason Kottke – read his post, it saves me some typing trying to explain why the site above is so cool.

Minus World

Minus World is a comic by Bill Mudron and Anne Moloney, about a game development company in Portland, Oregon. (It starts here.) The details about the games business are very accurate, and often hilarious (e.g. the genesis of Minus World). Check it out. (Wasn’t there another comic about a game development company in Portland, Oregon, […]

Mizuguchi’s Blog

Good news: Tetsuya Mizuguchi has a blog. Bad news: It’s in Japanese.


Dear Markus, for some reason, your blog is not easy to read in my RSS reader. Tobe apparently has similar problems. I don’t know if there’s something you can do about it, but I thought I’d mention it. Meanwhile, I’ve found this to be the most enjoyable way to read your blog :P Merry Christmas, […]

Geek On Stun

And while I’m at it: Geek On Stun looks like an excellent source of games information from Japan.


You may have noticed that a fair amount of recent links are from Kotaku. It’s a fairly new site, part of hip New York entity Gawker Media. It has quickly become one of my top news sources. So cut out the middleman (i.e. me) and subscribe to their RSS feed. No, wait! Come back!

Damion Schubert’s blog

This is as good a moment as any to link to Damion Schubert‘s blog Zen Of Design, seeing how he’s just linked to me and added a comment to the “On Academia” post. I first met Damion at this year’s GDC, when I went up to him, introduced myself, and told him we’d both worked […]

Game blog update

There have been some changes in the game blog world recently. Jamie Fristrom has mutated GameDevLeague into GameDevBlog, using TypePad, just like me. Tobias Mayr, who was the lead designer on GTA: Vice City on the Xbox, is blogging about games again. He’s using iBlog. I heard him curse a lot while he was figuring […]

New gaming blog

Jason Della Rocca of the IGDA has started a new gaming blog called Reality Panic. It is focussed on the games industry and the state of the medium. I particularly like the following bit from his most recent post: “Anyway, what’s important moving forward is that designers […] explore the boundaries of what can be […]

Game rankings

It can be very useful to have a way of measuring the overall popularity of a given game. is a useful tool for this. Do you know any other sites like this?