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Chinese MMO bans in-game gender-bending

What it says. Amusing. Update: Joystiq has done some research on this and there are reasons to believe it is not true (thanks, Steve Lee).

Metaplace: open DIY virtual worlds for everyone

Metaplace: open DIY virtual worlds for everyone. Finally we know what Areae, Raph Koster’s company, has been working on. It sounds very much like what Brian Moriarty envisioned in his Listen! speech at the GDC in 1997. (Via Boing Boing.) Update: Alice has a lot more information, as she should since she is way more […]

Where World of Warcraft’s dance moves come from

Someone has gone to the trouble of doing the research. I knew quite a few, but not all: It even has the Murloc pet… BUT NO UNDEAD. Tsk, tsk. Some of the sources are quite obscure. I wonder if the female Blood Elf dance really was taken from an amateur Korean video. (Via Alice.)

Chore Wars

Chore Wars – Finally, you can claim experience points for housework. You can guess where it’s going. Cute idea! (Via Ryan.)

Gold-farmers beat ad-ban by spelling URL in dead gnomes

Can’t publish the URL of your gold-farming site the normal way? Spell it out in dead gnomes. Good marketing stunt. They probably just did it for the gnome-killin’, it’s a kind of fetish in WoW-land.

South Korea Taxing Virtual Worlds

South Korea Taxing Virtual Worlds. It was only a matter of time, and as usual it’s happening in South Korea first. (Via Slashdot Games.)

Richard Bartle and Randy Farmer walk into a bar…

… actually, into a game store. Which makes the anecdote even funnier. I would so have done the same thing. But then, I’m like that.

The new office of Three Rings Design

Read about Three Rings Design’s new Nautilus-inspired office space. Three Rings Design makes Puzzle Pirates and delightfully named Bang! Howdy. I guess business is good in the low production value MMO market (and I don’t mean that in a pejorative way). (Via Boing Boing Blog.)

A different kind of online gamer

Meet the “users”: We don’t talk, we don’t like you, we just want to play. Sounds a bit like me.

Second Life: Europeans Outnumber Americans 3 to 1

Interesting news on TechCrunch: Europeans outnumber Americans 3 to 1 on Second Life. Ahhh what did you expect of those crazy Old Europe dudes with their liberal attitude towards sex. Maybe I should check out Second Life before it’s too late. I hear they have a Mac client.