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Amazing chip tunes + Japanese folk song

I really, really like this track by Omodaka, called ‘Korikori Bushi’: Well-produced arpeggio-filled chip tunes plus what is apparently the oldest Japanese song in existence, all with a cute video.

Some things that have nothing to do with games

This blog post has nothing to do with games, just with some things I found fun to read or listen to. Patton Oswalt has written about his experiences with KFC’s ‘Famous Bowl’. I know neither Mr. Oswald nor this bowl, but this is some darn funny writing, starting off and ending in authentic H.P. Lovecraft […]

Vocaloid 2: Yamaha’s anime song generator

Here is an interesting article about Vocaloid 2, a program developed by Yamaha that, given lyrics and a melody, generates anime-style singing. The singing sounds like a normal human voice modified by digital effects, such as one can hear in some of the music kids listen to these days (and I am assuming here that […]

Electronic musician Younnat triggers samples using a PC steering wheel

Listen: Is it me or do the buttons / wheel trigger different sounds / effects at different times? (Via Boing Boing.)