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John Carmack planning a “graphical tour-de-force” for the iPhone

John Carmack planning a “graphical tour-de-force” for the iPhone. One of several news items I’ve seen lately about the power of the iPhone. The hardware and the economics around it have caused a lot of excitement.

NCsoft plans layoffs after Tabula Rasa disappoints

NCsoft plans layoffs after Tabula Rasa disappoints. “The lesson we learned from the launch of Tabula Rasa is that sometimes it is more appropriate to take more time to have a final touch before we launch our product into the market,” [Chief Financial Officer Jaeho] Lee said. Groan. (Via Robin.)

SCi to cut 25 per cent of jobs, cancels 14 projects

Ouch. SCi to cut 25 per cent of jobs, cancels 14 projects. Production services to move from London to Montreal as part of radical restructuring The company plans to operate at a maximum head count of 800, a reduction of 25 per cent, while the board has decided to cancel 14 projects currently under way […]

Congratulations Jason

Congratulations to Jason Della Rocca on winning the Game Developers Choice Ambassador Award! More here: I don’t mean to sound ungrateful for this award, this is truly a wonderful honor. But, I’m just one person. What the industry needs now is for each one of you to get out there and be an ambassador for […]

Electronic Arts Makes Bid For Take-Two

Read all about it. I hear some people slitting their wrists. Wait, wasn’t EA never going to release a game like GTA, ever? Because their role model is Disney? Tisk. Probably inspired by the Blizzard, sorry, Vivendi – Activision deal, which was announced while I was in Lyon and I completely forgot to mention here. […]

Analyzing game industry analysts

Kotaku has an interesting feature article looking at game industry analysts: what they do, and how well they do it. Although they measure prediction outcomes, the article is deeper than just ‘this dude was only right 30% of the time’: One of the best analysts overall turned out to be Colin Sebastian. While he only […]

10tacle acquires 29 per cent stake in Climax… or does it?

This 10tacle press release, which starts off: 10TACLE STUDIOS AG acquired 29 % stake in CLIMAX Group Darmstadt, August 6th, 2007 – 10TACLE STUDIOS AG and the British developer CLIMAX Group Ltd. have entered into a strategic partnership to jointly develop computer and video games in specific genres. With this agreement 10TACLE STUDIOS AG has […]

Killzone 2 most expensive game ever?

Update: I have to say that the blog I link to here is either a very well connected anonymous insider blog or total BS. Reader beware. Still, it sounds plausible. Here is some industry scuttlebutt about Killzone 2: […] that figure was actually €21 million ($30 million) and it has only gone up from there […]

French news feed on company closures, layoffs and difficulties

I recently discovered that Gamekult, a big French games sites, has a news category called “Fermetures, licenciements, difficultés” – closures, layoffs and difficulties. And this category has its own RSS feed, which makes it super-easy to keep up to date on all the bad news happening in the games industry. The news items are in […]

Video Game Venture Capital, a blog about video game finances

Kim Pallister, who so far has still managed to avoid revealing what he is doing for a living after leaving Microsoft, has an excellent blog that you should be reading. I just recently discovered that, together with Vladimir Cole, he writes a second blog called Video Game Venture Capital. Posting is infrequent, which is good […]