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The Shoe Drops On Scrabulous

About 9 months or so ago, literally the only game I played was Scrabulous, a very popular Scrabble clone on Facebook and on it’s own website. It’s an ideal game for turn-based play, and the barrier to entry for the game is so low on Facebook – no need to register on another website, just […]

Fairway Solitaire

So after all the griping about big AAA games lately, you may wonder whether I actually like any games. And the answer is yes, yes I do. The game I am currently playing day and night is Fairway Solitaire. It’s a variant of Solitaire dressed up as golf. It is very easy to get into, […]

Skate / Burnout Paradise

I played the demo of Skate, the game I didn’t like the first time I glanced at it. My experience went something like this: Start game. Do I want to do a tutorial? Sure, sounds good. Learn controls. Hey! This actually seems kinda logical. Randomly fumble my way through the tutorial stages. The tutorial dude, […]

Square announces Song Summoner for the iPod

The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) just reported a new game by Square for the iPod. That’s right, not the iPhone. It sounds intriguing: For a mere $4.99, you apparently get a full-scale Square strategy RPG, and that’s not all — the characters in the game are created from your iPod’s songs. And every time you […]

Chrono Trigger is coming to the Nintendo DS

Chrono Trigger is coming to the Nintendo DS! Winter 2008. Chrono Trigger is in my top 5 of favorite games of all time. I can’t wait to buy it again! That reminds me that I better play Final Fantasy III (VI in Japan), which I went to great lengths to get for the PS1 in […]

Diablo III

Diablo III. Enough said. It looks awesome. And there will be a Mac version!

Beyond Good and Evil 2: The Horror

Behold the teaser trailer for Beyond Good and Evil 2: On the one hand, I loved BGE and I am glad to hear there will be a sequel. On the other hand, Uncle Pey’j looks disturbing, like on of those creepy pictures where Mario looks like a real human being. And the way he lasciviously […]

The Rock Band pricing fiasco

Add 170 to 70, then google “240 euros in dollars” – first hit: ZOMG is EA / Harmonix nuts asking for 370 frickin’ dollars for Rockband? For comparison: the same bundle costs $150 in the U.S. – 97 Euros. So that’s over twice as expensive. You know? With most games, I wait a year or […]

Info about Valve’s new project

John Scalzi, prize-winning SF author, visited Valve Software recently and reports: What did I see there? I can’t tell you (I signed an NDA). What did I do there? I can’t tell you (see above). Did I have a good time? Oh, yeah. Should you, as a video game fan, be immensely, immensely jealous? See […]

Insanely Twisted Patapon

Here is the trailer for Patapon, a Japanese game that strongly reminds me of Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet. The gameplay seems different though.