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Competition: Imagine a ‘Pestschleuder’

A friend of mine just used the German word “Pestschleuder”. “Pest” means, well, pest: plague, disease. “Schleuder” means “sling”, “slingshot”, but a a salad spinner is also called a “Salatschleuder”. I liked the word (I tend to like certain German words), and imagined… something… when I read it. Something that had nothing to do with […]

Game Development Failure

Why did that take so long? Apart from legal issues I mean. I Get Your Fail is a blog showcasing failure in game development. The fun kind where you laugh, not the kind where you spend 3 years and 20 million dollars on a flop. Every game dev project has some good failures… often these […]

Jet set lifestyle

Picture by my friend Michael. While I like traveling, I would like a little more stability. I am trying to avoid the “months in tiny rooms far from home” gigs, but the last two were just too hard to say no to.

Life-like 3D spider, built in Flash

Here is a cool life-like 3D spider, built in Flash. The high-level animation logic is very nice. (Via Boing Boing.)

Hilarity Comics

Hilarity Comics is a comic about video games. But not an inoffensive, middle-of-the-road comic like Penny Arcade or VG Cats. No, this is an underground comic, testing the limits of your taste. I find it funny, but you might not. You have been warned.

Where the Hell is Matt?

Where the Hell is Matt? Very, very cool. Where the Hell is Matt? (2008) from Matthew Harding on Vimeo. (Via Making Light.)

Limbo of the Lost

I just came across the story of Limbo of the Lost, a game that has been in development in some form for 15 years, and that in its current incarnation for the PC appears to be the most awe-inspiring case of plagiarism since Giana Sisters. I mean, check out these screenshots. On June 12th, the […]

Backward Compatible: GTA IV + Google

Here is a comic that made me smile.

From Goichi Suda’s Wikipedia page

Goichi Suda: Suda was working as an undertaker, enjoying the booming Japanese arcade scene, when he noticed an advertisement for an opening at Human Entertainment, best known for designing the Clock Tower and Fire Pro Wrestling series’s. [Suda] received a call from Human, and was immediately hired. He began work as a scenario writer on […]

Moving Mario

“Moving Mario” is a cute installation by Keith Lam, aka the Demos. It is easier to show than to describe: You can read the slightly too elaborate description here. I guess you have to write that kind of stuff when you’re an artist – I’d have thought you just get it after seeing it for […]