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Toilets in games

This is a site (in Russian, apparently) containing pictures of toilets in games. It’s an impressive list: however, they do not have screenshots of Albion, which featured space-age toilets in the human spaceships (designed by Thorsten Mutschall), and weird, organic communal toilet-plants in the houses of the indigenous species (designed by Erik Simon). As far […]

A Call For Expandable Codpieces

There is this trend it seems, in MMO games, to have female characters with otherworldly attributes. Now I know the idea is to lose yourself in a wonderful game of elaborate fantasy, ancient lore, unreal landscapes and diverse species, but I ask you: Does a female Gnome really need to wear a 32 DDD cup? […]

The Matrix, fashion, culture

The New York Times has an article on The Matrix and its influence on fashion and culture in general. Access to the article requires free registration.

Everquest porn

It took surprisingly long. Or maybe it didn’t, I wouldn’t know. Beats that torture stuff that got all the press a few years ago. (From ErosBlog. And no, this is not another blatant attempt to attract visitors by mentioning pr0n.)

The politics of Command & Conquer: Generals

I haven’t played Command & Conquer: Generals myself, but from what I’ve heard so far, I don’t want to. It is more than questionable, especially in the current geopolitical situation. If you play the terrorists, one mission has you fighting civilians for UN food supplies. If you finish the terrorist campaign, you see a missile, […]

Gotta catch ’em all

According to BoingBoing, the US Department of Defense has issued US soldiers decks of playing card-sized cards with the 55 most-wanted Iraqi leaders on them. However, their link to the DoD site doesn’t work. Various other sites use the same link and have the same problem, so it looks as if the news item has […]