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links for 2006-11-25

ぼくとシムのまち | EA エレクトロニック・アーツ A cute Japanese game… by Electronic Arts O.o. Weird. (Thanks Tobe!) Update: MikeB identified this as being The Sims (duh). (tags: ea japanese games) Kieron Gillen’s Workblog » Unthought of the day A different take on the Gears of War trailer. Funny. (tags: funny games) ML Enterprises, ex-developers from Rockstar Vienna, take over […]

links for 2006-11-24

Gamasutra – Opinion: Xbox 360 Software Attach Rate Is ‘Alarming’ An interesting argument for why a high attach rate can be bad, and consequently why Nintendo is doing the right thing with the Wii. (Thanks Tobi) (tags: xbox360 business economics hardcore)

links for 2006-11-23

and yet it moves An indie game from Austria. (tags: games indie austria)

links for 2006-11-22

Website of the Arcadia 2006 festival – EXCELLENT MUSIC Kim Pallister was right. The radio station on this site rocks. I would buy it if I could. (tags: fun music)

links for 2006-11-19

Ninty wanted hundred-dollar Wii (Eurogamer) Wii designed for moms. (tags: next-gen console games_industry) Boston Police quell riot of .. one? (Wonderland) Funny. (tags: sony funny) Video of mannequins on skateboards (Boing Boing) Awesome. Has nothing to do with games.

links for 2006-11-15

Showing vs. Telling in Army of Two (Next Generation) Brief report from the Montreal Game Summit on the use of prototyping in EA’s Army of Two (via Kim Pallister). (tags: games_industry process prototyping) MIGS Keynote: Gingold/Hecker On Spore Prototyping (Gamasutra ) A report on Chris Hecker and Chaim Gingold’s keynote at the Montreal Game Summit […]