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Game development areas

Clint Hocking wrote a blog post about the number of developers in Montreal, and several people have commented with info about other geographical areas. My guess is there’s between 100 and 200 professional game developers in Vienna, if not all of Austria – I only know of a handful of companies outside of Vienna. In […]

More on Manhunt 2 and Rockstar Vienna

Gareth White, a programmer who worked on Manhunt 2 at Rockstar Vienna, also has something to say on the situation. Among other things, he points out that some files on the disk contain the names of people from Rockstar Vienna. I haven’t played the released version myself, but it sounds like it’s virtually identical to […]

Rockstar Vienna’s missing credits for Manhunt 2

Yesterday, Rockstar Games released Manhunt 2 for Sony PlayStation 2, Sony PSP and Nintendo Wii. This blog post is not about the difficulties Take Two had getting this game on the market. I merely intend to correct an inaccuracy in the game’s credits, namely the over 55 missing Rockstar Vienna employees who worked on the […]

The Simpsons Movie: The Game – Made in Vienna

After the WiiWare post a while back, more news about games made in Vienna. It turns out the Flash game on the website of The Simpsons Movie (which I found pretty funny by the way (the movie, not the website)) was written by Root9, developers of local game phenomenon Yeti Sports. And in fact the […]

Nintendo’s first WiiWare title, straight out of Vienna

What it says. Mike has the scoop. Very cool! It’s funny. I don’t know the entire Viennese game development scene, but I thought I’d at least heard of every developer here, but I’ve never heard of BPlus before. Update: Well whaddya know, Ryan really did post it earlier :P. Guess I should read his blog […]

10tacle opening development studio in Vienna, Austria?

Games blog reports a rumor that 10tacle may set up a development studio in Vienna: Rumors are swirling that 10tacle, one of Europe’s fastest growing developers is still looking to expand through Europe, building more development studios to work on their internal and licensed projects. With studios already existing in Hannover (Germany), Bratislava (Slovakia), […]

Former Rockstar Games employee develops messiah complex

VIENNA, Austria — Almost exactly one year after the sudden closure of his workplace, former Rockstar Vienna employee Reinhard Schmid announces the release of the game “I Am Jesus”. Released as a free download for PC on the website of aptly-named Suicidal Entertainment, this may be the most offensive game since Postal. We cannot describe […]

More on Aufbaustrategiespiele

It always surprises me which posts here get commented on and linked to, and which ones don’t (although I am no longer surprised at the amount of traffic I get from people googling ‘everquest porn’ or ‘wow nude patch’). Greg Costikyan commented on my recent post about the Anno and Settlers franchises. I could write […]

Ubisoft buys Sunflowers: Commentary

As reported earlier, Ubisoft has bought Sunflowers, who own the rights to Anno, probably the most successful game franchise to come out of Germany ever. They also bought a 30% stake in Related Designs, the developers of the most recent game in the Anno series.

Ubisoft buys Sunflowers

Ubisoft buys Sunflowers, holders of the Anno brand. Read all about it. This is big news for the German games industry. Commentary later. Thanks to Greg for telling me about this.