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On Academia

The nice thing about a blog is that you can just link to someone else’s words instead of having to do any heavy lifting yourself. It is even nicer when the someone else in question is a good friend and when the topic he writes about is an important one. Which leads me to Mark […]

Akademisch is a new German-language website “dedicated to studying computer games from a cultural perspective”. To signal that it’s about computer games, it uses low-resolution graphics. Well, at least Pac-Man and Space Invaders are absent.

Interactive storytelling galore

On March 24 to 26 2003, the 1st International Conference on├é┬áTechnologies for Interactive Digital Storytelling and Entertainment (TIDSE03) is held in Darmstadt, Germany. It sounds pretty interesting. Chris Crawford is doing a keynote speech. Andrew Stern, who worked on the excellent Dogz and Catz products, is talking about his new project, which sounds intriguing. John […]