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The conflict between game design and AI programming

A few days ago, Julian Togelius tweeted this: Exhibit 1A: The mindset of someone who has no interest in artificial intelligence. — Julian Togelius (@togelius) October 27, 2015 I replied that I have an interest in AI, and I agree with the quote. Julian didn’t reply, but I was still motivated to write this […]

Why I’m not publishing the slides to my dark side of game development talk

I’ve had a couple of requests for the slides of my talk on the dark side of game development which I gave last year at ENJMIN, and last week at the Northern Game Summit in Kajaani. After some thought, I’ve decided not to publish them. The actual slides are very spare, often showing just a […]

Resources for my talk on the dark side of game development

Here are some resources to go with my talk about the dark side of game development that I gave at Northern Game Summit on October 1st 2015. Talking to people Effective Networking in the Game Industry – Darius Kazemi Gameconfs Impostor syndrome Kill The Goddamn Vulture – Richard Dansky Your body language shapes who you […]