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The mystery of Miholjanec

I was reading the Wikipedia entry on Charlemagne, as one does, and noticed his sword had a name: “Joyeuse“. Joyous one. And, since “épée” is feminine and Charlemagne was not, it is the sword who is joyous. Named sword. So far, so cool. Hey, it says “sword in Vienna” (I used to live in Vienna). […]

Recruitment bait-and-switch

À propos of nothing: the first in a series of recruitment war stories.  Back in 2006, just after the closure of Rockstar Vienna, where I had been a producer, I received quite a few contact request from HR departments and recruiters. One in particular has always stayed in my memory, for reasons which will become […]

Slides and post-mortem for my GDC 2015 talk on narrative design

Here (12.8 MB PDF) are the slides from my GDC 2015 talk on narrative design. The black slides are my notes, which roughly resemble what I actually said. I have removed the bonus slide showing Verena Riedl – you had to be there :) (Or you can watch it on the vault eventually.) And here they are embedded: […]

Gameplay metrics: game design’s best kept secret?

So Laralyn McWilliams just wrote: I might pitch a talk for next year’s @Official_GDC to preach about how we should stop thinking metrics are only for F2P or all about money. — Laralyn McWilliams (@Laralyn) March 11, 2015 And I agree so much with that that I had to write something about it. When game […]