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"A 440 432": A conspiracy theory

If you like a good conspiracy theory, I just stumbled upon a great one.

Modern day music is stuck in a tuning frequency that was implemented throughout Nazi Germany by propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels in 1939. His implemented 440Hz codified a New World Order of central pitch that was instrumental in leading our world into a state of discordance. For this tuning of A=440Hz is inherently out of sync with the divine music of the universe.

It is also known that Hitler and his Nazi regime were fervent in their search of the Holy Grail's secrets in order to manipulate the masses and control the world. Their study of esoteric principals, use of occult powers, advanced technologies, altered states of consciousness, including that of sound and frequency only helped to satisfy their goals.

Recent studies have proven that 'sound entrainment' has been, and is still being used today to coax brainwaves into certain patterns of thought and mood, and in Hitler's case, martial music broadcasted in 440Hz aided in altering his people into an aggressive and unbalanced state.

(From a forum thread on David Icke's website - this alone should tell you you're not in Kansas anymore. Unless Kansas is infiltrated by lizard people.)

A simple Google search for "A 440 432", and what a nicely cryptic search phrase that is, leads to a number of other entertaining websites:

And much, much more. What a fun rabbit hole to fall into.