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Slides from my presentation on game production at ENJMIN

Here (13 megabyte PDF) are the slides from the presentation on game production I gave at ENJMIN on Tuesday, January 11th. The presentation went well, people seemed to like it and remember things from it, and in general it was a very pleasant experience and I was impressed by the students.

If you looked at the rough structure I posted earlier, you will noticed I changed things around a bit. Although this is not the first presentation I've done, I feel I learned more from the process. Which is why I like doing presentations.

The slides come with notes but naturally it won't fully convey everything I said during the presentation.

Update: Right, forgot to mention this. If you were at the presentation, I mentioned two things. First, Andrew Chen's blog. Read this to see how internet / web thinking can apply to games. Second, Darius Kazemi's series of articles about networking. Enjoy!