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Competition: Imagine a 'Pestschleuder'

A friend of mine just used the German word "Pestschleuder". "Pest" means, well, pest: plague, disease. "Schleuder" means "sling", "slingshot", but a a salad spinner is also called a "Salatschleuder".

I liked the word (I tend to like certain German words), and imagined... something... when I read it. Something that had nothing to do with its real meaning. My girlfriend imagined something completely different.

So here's a little competition: imagine what a Pestschleuder looks like and describe it here in a comment. On Sunday, April 5th Andrea and I will judge the entries. The prize is honor plus something not yet determined - it depends on who and where you are ;). It's really supposed to be fun thing to do. At least I had fun imagining my Pestschleuder.