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Competition: Imagine a ‘Pestschleuder’

A friend of mine just used the German word “Pestschleuder”. “Pest” means, well, pest: plague, disease. “Schleuder” means “sling”, “slingshot”, but a a salad spinner is also called a “Salatschleuder”. I liked the word (I tend to like certain German words), and imagined… something… when I read it. Something that had nothing to do with […]

Bookmarks for March 5th through March 28th

These are my links for March 5th through March 28th: Reuben Margolin's kinetic wave sculptures – Mystery Man on Film: The “Raiders” Story Conference – "Mystery Man" on the story conference between Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, and Lawrence Kasdan for Raiders of the Lost Ark that took place in 1978. The Tokyopia Wedding Game – […]

Soviet Unterzoegersdorf 2

It is very rare that I say yes when someone asks me to publish a press release, but in this case I had to do it, because the people behind it are cool, it’s from Austria and it sounds great. So voilá! //////// /////// SOVIET UNTERZOEGERSDORF ////// ///// SECTOR II //// /// The Adventure Game […]

My observations on Watchmen (the movie)

You know, for what it’s worth. It’s one of those movies where if I hadn’t seen it, I’d have wondered if it was any good. Now I know. I was constantly comparing it to the comic in my head, and therefore didn’t get as far into the movie as perhaps I could have. I had […]

Bookmarks for March 1st through March 3rd

These are my links for March 1st through March 3rd: Microsoft Office Labs vision 2019 (montage + video) – A pretty cool concept video showing computing technology in 2019. Via Aubrey. Watchmen: Justice is Coming | iPhone Game – An online multiplayer game for iPhone or iPod Touch. Interesting. Variety iPhone app (plus an observation […]