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Twitter: Another new way of blogging

Things never get boring here at Intelligent Artifice. OK, actually, sometimes they do, but not right now is what I guess I want to say. Mere days after announcing the use of Delicious to automatically generate blog posts, I've added another way for me to more easily get content to you: Twitter.

Twitter, or rather what is cool about Twitter, is notoriously difficult to explain, so I am not even going to try except to say that it's a micro-blog where each message is 140 characters or less.

I've created a public Twitter account to accompany this blog. I foolishly chose a long and obscure name for my blog, but I have grown older and wiser since then, so I chose a shorter, clearer name for Twitter: JurieOnGames. You can see my tweets in a box on the right on the main page, unless you're reading this in a feed reader of course. (You can subscribe to the RSS feed of my Twitter stream.)

Overlap between the blog and the tweets should be minimal, and I promise I won't announce every blog post here in a tweet... only some, and using hand-crafted messages. Nothing but the best for my readers.

(Some of you may know I have a second, protected Twitter account. That one is for people I know personally, and I use it to rant about life in Vienna and report on headaches etc. So you're not missing much.)