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Principles and Practices for Productive Teams - Slides from my GDC Paris 08 talk

Regular readers may remember that back on June 23rd 2008, I gave a presentation on productivity and being a producer at GDC Paris.

Well, I am happy to announce that about 6 months later, I have finally given the slides a final polish and converted them to an accessible format. It only took me a few hours. I have no idea why I kept pushing it back. Alex Champandard even encouraged me to record the talk afterwards (since I forgot to record it during the conference - d'oh!), but somehow I just never got to it. Speaker's block? I don't know. Good thing I am not a 'pro' blogger.

This talk may interest you if you are interested in productive game development or being in a leadership position in a game development team.

You can download the slides here (it's a 1.6 Mb PDF).

Please let me know what you think.