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Hi. Remember me? I hate writing blog posts about not having blogged for a while, so I will keep that part short.

I have been busy the last 6 weeks, but if you were to ask me what exactly I've been doing, I'd have trouble answering you. I read a book about accounting and am now reading a book about designing companies, to be followed by books about investing and books about game design. I did a short but interesting gig in Paris. I organized a meeting for the IGDA Vienna chapter (on which more later). But mostly, it's been the slow, patient pursuit of leads that hopefully eventually lead to paid and interesting work, to be followed by the slow, patient pursuit of my money. Ah, the life of the free-lancer. It does involve drinking a lot of coffee.

Also, my beautiful girlfriend and, I should probably add, lovely partner in crime, has decided to start her own blog: Berzerk Raccoon. And she has initiated two cool projects so far: a get-together for game designers in Vienna, and a gaming girl pin-up photography project. I am quite excited about both.

In general I am feeling very restless and energetic and entrepreneurial. We will see where this leads.