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Time to help friends with a little publicity: On October 1st,, one of the top websites for AI in games, launched a premium membership area. It contains a ton of content, such as code samples, an AI sandbox, technical reports, master classes, interactive discussions with experts, A/V sessions... The mind boggles. I can't think of another site like this related to games.

The people behind, Alex and Petra Champandard, are good friends of mine and live about 200 meters from my apartment in Vienna. They spent a lot of time over the last few months preparing for the launch, and it became harder and harder to go for lunch or ice cream with them... Not even tea with freshly baked chocolate chip cookies managed to draw them out in the last two weeks :). But I am highly impressed by what they have done so far, and I wish them a ton of luck!

At the time I am writing this, you have only 21 hours left to join: After that, no new members for a month or two. And prices will go up, so run!