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EA Loosens Spore's DRM, Account Restrictions

EA Loosens Spore's DRM, Account Restrictions. That's nice, but those were the least of my worries. I care about what software is being installed on my Mac, and how it might affect its stability. Most Mac applications don't even have an installer, let alone DRM. If I wanted crap like that, I'd still be using a PC.

Can I trust DRM vendors or companies that make use of DRM? No. Maybe this version of Securom for this product on this computer won't cause problems others have had in the past. But why would I even want to spend time thinking about that?

So, still no Spore for me.

The last 'PC' game I played that wasn't a downloadable casual game was World of Warcraft, in 2005. And before that, not counting games I got for free (and didn't play because they were PC only)... hmm... I think it was the original Deus Ex. Bioshock? I'll get it for the Xbox when the price drops and I have time. But just as I was considering getting some games for my Mac, I now realize I would have to do research on what kind of DRM is on there before buying.