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Jack Thompson no longer licensed to practice law

Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out: The disbarment means that Thompson is no longer licensed to practice law and may not apply for reinstatement. Of course, I doubt this will impress a major league troll like Mr. Thompson. His buffoonery makes Jörg Haider look like reserved, reasonable person. (Why yes, […]

Wario Land: Shake It on Youtube

This Wario Land: Shake It video on Youtube is really, really cool. Watch it once, then watch it again. (Thanks Andy.)

Big news soon

There have been two big pieces of good news in my life recently, and I’ve been wanting to tell you about them for weeks, but sadly both place huge demands on my time right now, and I want to write a proper post and not just off-handedly mention that… right. If I haven’t written a […]

Bejeweled in WoW

Someone made a Bejeweled clone running as a World of Warcraft add-on: From the Joystiq article: The in-game add-on began as a homebrew Bejeweled clone from Michael Fromwiller, cleverly titled Besharded. Fromwiller developed the add-on as a method of killing time during long raids and farming sessions, but it wasn’t too long before PopCap caught […]

EA Loosens Spore’s DRM, Account Restrictions

EA Loosens Spore’s DRM, Account Restrictions. That’s nice, but those were the least of my worries. I care about what software is being installed on my Mac, and how it might affect its stability. Most Mac applications don’t even have an installer, let alone DRM. If I wanted crap like that, I’d still be using […]

Social gaming event at PICNIC 08 in Amsterdam

Oh, it seems there will be a special event about social gaming at PICNIC 08 in Amsterdam on the 26th. Games go Social is a full day event probing the synergies between games and communities, organized in collaboration with PICNIC, the undeniably most original, pioneering and unusual get-together for creatives. The trend ‘Games go social’ […]

Google to buy Valve?

No commentary, just the rumor via Alice. Google to buy Valve, says the Inquirer. Is it over Steam? It makes little sense otherwise. Then again, I can’t really be bothered to think about it.

Why I am not buying Spore

It’s the DRM, of course. Just like many, many people on Spore is now apparently the most pirated game ever. The Washington Post has a nice article explaining the issue. Loyd Case gives his personal view, based on his long experience with PC gaming, here. (Thanks Mark for both articles.) Spore is joining a […]

Life-like 3D spider, built in Flash

Here is a cool life-like 3D spider, built in Flash. The high-level animation logic is very nice. (Via Boing Boing.)

Clive Thompson on Facebook and Twitter

Clive Thompson has written a great article for the New York Times about what makes Facebook and Twitter special. I’ve tried explaining both to people, and it’s very hard to convey what makes Facebook different from earlier social networks, or what makes Twitter different from having a blog. This article explains it quite well. I’ve […]