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Braid - First impressions

OK, Braid is on XBLA in Europe as well. I bought it and am playing it. There are many things to like and only small things to bequibble (I thought jumping from ladders was solved by now). Jon gets a massive amount of benefit of the doubt from me, so I don't mind the lack of explanations and I assume a lot will make sense of one point. There is just one thing I want to know now:

Is this a Zelda-style game where I get new abilities as the game progresses, allowing me to access inaccessible areas in earlier levels? Or does this game consist of really hard puzzles?

Because I hate puzzles. Hate hate hate! Maybe I should peek at the official walkthrough.

Update: ... the walkthrough doesn't contain any spoilers... Damn.

Update: Right, 'traversed' worlds 2 to 6. I am not feeling cool and smart, I am feeling angry and frustrated. I don't think this is the game for me. Ah well, only 10 euros gone.