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Slides and videos from IGDA Leadership Forum 2007

A ton of material from the IGDA Leadership Forum 2007 is online now. Videos, slides, summaries... a lot of stuff. I haven't even started looking through it yet, but the list of sessions looks very tasty:

Leadership Track:

  • Building the Perfect Team
  • Leadership Lab
  • Death By 1000 Ideas: Managing Designers and Creatives
  • Managing Engineers
  • Managing Artists and Art Outsourcing for Next-Gen Games
  • Communication Breakdown: How to Prevent This on Your Watch
  • Caught in the Middle: Managing Staff, Teams and Executives
  • How Not To Dine In Hell: Next-Gen Development Without Killing Your Team

Production Track:

  • How Not To Schedule A Project
  • Agile Implementation
  • Something from Nothing
  • Working with Publishers as a Developer Producer
  • Local Anesthetic: Painless Game Localization
  • Cross Discipline Team Collaboration
  • Leveraging Outsourcing to Enhance Development
  • Dilemmas of the Publisher's External Producer


  • Ultimate Objectives: Lessons Learned From Building BioWare
  • 10 Surprising Ideas for Leaders on the Future of Games