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My talk went well

My talk on productivity and producing went well. I arrived five minutes before the start and the room was already packed - I think there were about 100 people. I went a bit slower at the start, adding little anecdotes, and subsequently was surprised when the room guy held up a sign saying "5 minutes left"... so I rushed at the end but still managed to properly do the ending and even answer some questions.

All of the feedback was good so far. I am really too close to the presentation and have no opinion on it. It was a very touchy-feely talk in some ways and I was worried it wouldn't cohere enough. Luckily I was able to spend some time yesterday with Daniel Miller, a friend who is a great producer and communicator and he helped me improve the structure of the talk.

Now I can enjoy the rest of the conference without stress! Slides will be posted in some form pretty soon - I just need to clean them up for public consumption. Too bad I forgot to record the audio myself, I probably could have done so, bah.